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Oh my gosh you guys, I have had to keep this quiet forever it feels, but the cat is now out of the bag well and truly! 

Glitter Haven is now in New Zealand! 

Our first order is only a week or two away from landing here and being able to be dispatched to all those who get in quick and order from our initial order stocking. 
First in, first served so get in quick! 

We have coming a selection of the glitter range in 4g packs. 
From the Superfine's through to Chunky's and mixes. 
And even better, we have the Enviro glitters winging their way here too! 

Please be aware that all of the glitters that are currently in stock, are on their way. However orders won't be dispatched until after the inbound order lands! 

So enjoy our sneaky stealth launch! 
And be among the first New Zealanders to have Glitter haven Glitters in your hot little hands! 

Glitter Haven Glitters are all solvent resistant and are professional quality glitters, suitable for all applications! 

 --  Nail Techs  --  Makeup Artists  --  Body Painters  --  Crafters  --  Costume Designers  --  Home Users --  Artists  --  


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